Carnaval De Sang.
No matter what we do, the carnival of blood goes on...
Bienvenue. We are a play by post, AU, based on the CW versions of The Originals, The Vampire Diaries. And the soon to be created spin off, Legacies. Set after the conclusions of the final season of both ended shows. We continue the continuous carnival of blood always left in the wake of collisions between all the differing factions. As they once more, struggle to remain at peace. We have a 3/3/3 rating. Low word count. And are an intermediate to advanced account per character site.

Please register you character as follows, first name, last name, with proper capitalisation. e.g. Elena Gilbert. Marcel Gerrard.
03-08-18 Getting closer & closer to a soft opening. A few minor glitches here & there to fix & things to add. But we will be accepting apps soon.
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